Master Your Hormones 12-Month Program





  • World-Class Expertise (Value $10,000)
      • Doctor-designed, 3 step system, The Crawford Hormone Revitalization Method™ 
      • A proven method perfected over 17 years with more than 1,000 women.
  • Unlimited Personalized Support for 1 year (Value $6500)
      • All one-on-one lab review virtual visits and program check-ins with physicians
      • Convenient access to your support team via private messaging, email, or video/telephone visits
      • The Empowerment Connection monthly virtual live group session with Dr. Crawford
  • Laboratory Testing (Value $3800)
      • 4 proprietary, at-home adrenal and hormone health assessment laboratory panels over the course of 1 year
  • Health plans and supplements for 1 year (Value $4,000)
      • Comprehensive individualized health plans and a maintenance plan for long-term health
      • Doctor-formulated, high-quality supplements provided for 1 year
  • Virtual Clinic and Wellness Platform (Value $2400)
      • Digital wellness platform with mobile app and direct private messing
      • Personal dashboard with metrics tracking and other support tools for success
      • Program materials and educational content delivery
  • High-end curated content (Value $1,000)
      • Extensive Vital Women™ educational materials
      • Therapeutic diets based on your specific needs and goals
      • The Flooding Method™ a mental strategy to ignite your energy using the power of the mind
      • The YinYang Circadian Formula™ to optimize your sleep-wake cycle
      • The Energy Switch Cheatsheet™ that will eliminate the energy-sucking things keeping you stressed and exhausted (and what to do instead!)
      • The Oxygen Saturation Technique™ to fuel the powerhouse of your cells with an abundance of life-giving oxygen
  • 30-Day Hormone Detox bonus program (Value $300)
  • Money-back guarantee (Value priceless)


    • Transform stress and elevate your mindset to accelerate your progress. A proven series of tools, techniques, and concepts to upgrade your life through neuroscience and energy psychology.
    • This deeply transformational coaching helps you with things like stress relief, overwhelm, mental/emotional blocks, and other mindset factors, beyond the physiology of what your labs and health plan achieve.

                  Total program value $34,000!